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Obligatorische 2-Phasen Ausbildung

WAB course english

2PA WAB Kurs


It is our objective to ensure that road users are equipped with the skills needed to master the challenging conditions in traffic. We look forward to training you!

Course day topics

During the WAB course day you will learn more about the basics of driving in an interesting way: You will be able to defermine distances needed for bringing your vehicle to a complete halt in time at different speed levels together with the instructor. You will also have plenty of time to test out variations of distance and speed in order to recognize the safest driving habits. What you learn in theory during the course will also be practically implemented right after, on our own training facility.

It also deals with the topic that road accidents not only have consequences for the person who caused it. But above all, they burden the victim and their relatives with physical, psychological, financial and social consequences.